Made this project "Come Fix Me" in a 24hr hackathon. Won the most innovative solution.

An android application for citizens(users) which allows them to register issues on potholes in their area.
Web for report management 

Usage Flow:

User clicks a photo of the pothole and registers a new issue.

The photo gets uploaded on the firebase database along with other information like GPS co-ordinates.

The image is downloaded in the server and served in the pothole detection script.

If pothole is detected an estimated area is calculated, if no pothole is detected user's issue gets rejected.

After successful detection details are uploaded on the web for administrator, these issue are forwarded to govt. officials.

Once the officials claim that they have fixed the pothole, the user gets a notification and they can close their issue if pothole is fixed


Github Link:

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    Vienna literally has done the same thing already haha
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    @kescherRant Lol😂 we were not aware about it before developing
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    They have a similar scheme in my city. You can report potholes to the local authority, who then do nothing about them

    They need the notification functionality from your app
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    Wow. Real nice.

    Are you planning to deploy it in any way?
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    @Konsole I would like to but I don't know where I can propose this system.
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    @NitinSahu Maybe if u have any contacts, you can approach munipalty office
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    My city gets new roads constructed each time a big govt. official comes for visit.

    In these rainy the condition of roads is so bad that i get atleast one puncture each year.

    and when they finally fix the potholes, they make sure not to level the patch and instead add some speed breaker ( the really big ones ! ) all over the road.

    They might have a completely different solution to drink and drive.

    -> Make sure your application has a before and after kinda thing.
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    @KushagraKarira It allows user to track their report, they will recieve a notification for confirmation i.e. user would go to the place and confirm if the pothole is fixed or not.
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    @Konsole I do not have any contacts, I am thinking of proposing this idea in some government hackathon or innovation competition
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    @NitinSahu SIH 2020 maybe?
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    @Konsole lol😂 SIH is totally based on luck, no matter how good your presentation is they select you on all worthless criteria like they prefer more females in the team, they prefer teams from east India, etc
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    Cool! Have govt folks been happy with it?

    I've been mulling a service in my head, where citizens/townsfolk can create issues for town admins to take care of, a little like GitHub issues but less developery. Not sure how well the town admins would like it though. Need to call some Espoo folks and pitch it.
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    @NitinSahu I didn't have such experience... But okay..
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