Ladies and gentlemen, I installed Linux on my brother's computer!

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    Does he know?
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    Now get ready to be blamed for anything and everything that happens on his pc and play tech support.
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    Are you still alive?
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    @platypus well he asked me yesterday to do it actually
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    What distro?

    Or did you just install the kernel? :p
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    @athlon Did you ask him if he understood the implications? There are professional ethics to be considered here. We are like doctors. We can't just allow people to make life-altering decisions without some psyche eval.
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    Guess he doesn't like gaming 😬
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    HIDE!!! 🙈
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    @platypus yes, I told him that some games may work poorly, or not work at all... He said "ok" and still wanted me to install it.

    @alexbrooklyn well first I wanted to install him Linux Mint. You know, it's beginner friendly... But just when I was about to install it, he said "no. I don't want it to look like Windows. I want the same system like you use". I said to him "well the Pop!_OS is moderately advanced, are you sure about that?". He said yes. So there it is! Pop!_OS 19.04
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    @athlon Newbiws can learn any Ubuntu based distro easily I feel. (in fact, in my opinion, Linux Mint over-simplifies every thing and doesn't let people understand the true potential of inux)
    All our univ comps were equipped with Ubuntu 16.04 when I joined. Everyone got familier with it in less than a week
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    Here's a 🍪
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    Mother of pranks
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    Congratulations, You're an adult now!
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