Windows server 2016 it is not so bad, but updating requires 101% of its CPU.

Am I stealing the CPU of my neighbors?

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    German machines are so efficient, it brings a tear to my eye.
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    Windows servers steal the souls of the innocent! Use a Linux distro! /Reeee! (Sarcasm implied if that wasn't obvious)
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    Dumb rounding error?
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    @Commodore rounding of what? 😁
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    101% not great but not horrifying 😅
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    @netikras I've honestly no idea how a cpu usage gets measured. But getting 101% by something along the line : round(sensor 1) + round(sensor 2)
    If that makes any sense 🤐
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    @Commodore maybe.. :)
    or maybe 100 - usage(idle) :)

    I've immediately assumed the latter bcz it's a straightforward one. But then again, it's windows..
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    I guess it's using 1.01 cores

    You'd find it familiar to see >100% usage when you continuously have htop open in one terminal window while simulating a lot of stuff
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    That depends on if you have CPU steal. Not the case with Vultr in my experience.
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    100% is a single core.
    Really counterintuitive since different cores may have different speeds, but oh well.
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    I hope that IP address is not yours
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    All the CPU aring yours!!!
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    Nice IP address
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    My Mac has 8 cores, it counts max as 800% with all cores at 100%.

    It's maybe something similar or a burstable performance instance on cloud ?
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    Maybe the turbo clock? Not sure about how windows handles that ...

    Your core might run with a 2.8ghz base freq and 3ghz on turbo for example - at least if it is an Intel model.

    ....... *Facepalm*

    But while typing I realize you use some azure/hyperV stuff ...
    So I would go with either a rounding error, bug or maybe you hypervisor allows dynamic allocation of cpu time? So that if the guest has a spike of cpu workload, the hypervisor allows more cpu usage for that guest.
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