Meeting agenda, don't talk outside it. Have separate meetings for items that aren't of interest for everyone attending.

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    @rutee07 uhhh, tower, this is shirt at runway 22, requesting take off, over...
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    @rutee07 Oh Lord, literally the best words that can come out of a girls mouth. Now where did I put Tinder....
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    @ihatecomputers she did put a 'bobs and vegana' touch there with that "take of", but knowing this user, it's probably intentional

    also, a-fucking-men to your post, everytime that happens to me I feel like raging my throat out of my asshole...
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    @erandria haha I attribute much of my burn out to attending the worst fucking meetings for a full day every other week. It. Was. The. Worst. Practically no agenda (let's make it up as we go so that we can talk about fucking good knows what but it clearly isn't relevant but still work related so nothing to gain) and like two or three people involved in a discussion only they care about while 5 others are just sitting there. Fuck fuck fuck

    edit: fuck
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