Start at the scheduled time. Don't, "give everybody a little time to join." You're just enabling shit behavior.

Never, ever ask, "who just joined?" when the join tone sounds on the call. If you need someone on the call, invite them, and address them directly by name. If you need to take roll, then call out names, one at a time. But don't do that either. Just do your meeting.

A meeting has a direct cost of the lost time of everyone on the call. Artificial delays for small talk or petty admin are a total waste of time and money. Keep it simple, on task, and as fast as possible.

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    Yes, I hate this behavior. I do sort of understand it though. Particularly project managers who have back to back meetings it can take a few minutes if their meeting runs over.
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    It's the job of the person running a meeting to keep it inside the schedule. If it runs over, it's because the person running the meeting allowed it to run over.
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    @bahua I agree but shit happens. The longer we work the more meetings we go to and sooner or later one will run over for a legitimate reason just by the pidgeonhole principle
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    Sure, but that's an exception. The prevailing attitude I've seen from project people is that if we don't have meetings, we're idle. So they're happy to waste time.
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    If it can happen in an email or over group chat, DON’T HAVE THE MEETING! I’ve literally fallen asleep on conference calls with a cast of thousands who had no purpose on the call other than to listen to some executives bloviating on stuff they either don’t understand or stuff that is only related to their ivory tower crap. If I don’t report directly to you, DON’T INCLUDE ME!
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