New user here. Are you guys all cool? I keep having a panic attack every time someone comments. PTSD from hackernews...

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    No comments means we're all cool... All except me ... Your first comment
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    Welcome this is a really nice community. Have fun.
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    Most people here are pretty chill.

    Even when I've posted my fair share of stupid shit, nobody really tried to start an argument over it or report it is a duplicate question.
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    Hey, welcome to this community!

    As others have pointed out, most people here is very cool, which is a huge plus :)
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    welcome to devRant!

    everyone here is pretty chill, i hope you have a great time here
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    welcome, you reached the point of No Return
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    Run away! Run away while you still can!!!
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    welcome! well i haven't witnessed many flame wars on here so feel free to assume you're gonna be fine
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    Yeah, we’re cool as fuck. In no time your PTSD should be gone. 👌🏼
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    Welcome mate. I am somewhat cool, just looking to meet cooler people to have the coolest conversations regarding Nano editor, Apple's innovations and the ease-of-use in Windows environment.
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    @rEaLjAsE 😂😂😂
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