I need motivation to code again. Please, send help...

I dont fcking like this.

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    build your own dream, or you will stay building someone else's dream as employee.

    Didn't work for me, but may work for you.
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    We suffer loses, we suffer failures... But coding is the only thing that we can do good, and we know we can do it better.
    So try getting up and covering the distance between good and better , and letting the world know that you are not defined by failures, but rather how many times you stood up against failures
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    @Coffe2Code wdym didnt work for u
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    Maybe it'll sound like bullshit but "motivation comes from doing the thing". Put some good music, pull up and interesting project or make one and code, motivation will come later.
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    @SukMikeHok nothing works for me.. dunno why
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    @Coffe2Code same here but i have a spirit that says

    I am ready to and would rather die of starvation than work at some cocksuckers company wasting my life and potential by building his own dream and making him richer.

    Are you?
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    @SukMikeHok I was, until I get a stone from life. the market here is hard, no opportunities and shit.. so I have to work in a company first to get strong feet to go by myself
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    When I lose my drive I tend to stop coding at all. Play video games, watch series, go out with friends...

    It takes weeks, sometimes month before it comes back.
    But when it does, it's amazing again.
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    when I need inspiration I watch these vids
    I always get a kick out of Haskell even if I haven't been able to use it yet in production
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    the best tip i can give you is to take some time out in the sun, come back relaxed and then you will get the energy you need. do not sit everytime on your computer you might loose interest in doing professionell stuff after a while ..
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    @rEaLjAsE what? how..?
    that sounds like a threatening
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