ssh your.server.ip, welcome message:

#Ooops! your files have been encrypted.
#Don't waste your time trying to decrypt them.
#Nobody can.

#We would gladly offer you a way of recovering all
#your files safely, but sadly we lost the decryption

#Hackers too are not perfect, have a nice day.
#PS. you can still send money to support us if you want at this
#web page: fuckyou.onion.
#Your personal key: m0r0nm0t3fukk3r

(I'll code this one day and install it on somebody machine, it's one of my top dreams)

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    I think Linux ransomware has been attempted numerous times before and each time failed...
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    @chabad360 ahahah yes, but I will just write a simple script encrypting all files on disk of the victim and I will install it personally on his computer. I'll be the spreading agent
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    @deviloper that would work... but for G-d's sake you'd have to make it bootable so you can get Root!
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    @chabad360 That's not true.
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    @IntrusionCM how do you get Root on a Linux system if you don't know the password?

    last I checked, you boot up a live image (or install disk, other Linux system, etc.), Login to that as root, and chroot your way in.
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    @chabad360 By using bugs? there are many linux ransomwares...

    And many servers out there running on linux "as installed" because who needs security....

    Linux can be secure. But there is no perfect security.

    And I think that the known flaws / bugs and so on are only the tip of the iceberg.
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    @IntrusionCM there are many Linux ransomwares? I thought the last time someone tried it failed.

    True, there are many ways in, but even after that not necessarily will it get you root.

    At the end of the day it's much more challenging to get ransomware/malwere on to a Linux system, and to have it run well.
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    @deviloper @chabad360 @IntrusionCM

    Kubernetes would just kick the infected container out, and boot up a few new ones.

    A good Linux ransomware would check for AWS S3 connections, start encrypting bucket contents 😄
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    @bittersweet That's evil...
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    @chabad360 how? well... the moron setup a NAS con ssh access: user:root, pwd:root and wrote it down on a postit on his desk
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    @IntrusionCM @chabad360 just dealing with SACK panic kernel bug in these days
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