I've been waiting all week for the Manjaro maintainers to release the next update wave.

Ahh... finally something to do in the terminal :)

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    oh fuck
    I don't want to do updates
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    Oh wait that's not Windows

    No I legit was thinking about Windows Update or some shit, I need sleep haha
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    If you need frequent updates then Arch has its arms open for you.
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    @Haxk20 ik I'm using Manjaro cause I haven't had the time to sit down and setup arch...
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    It doesnt take that much time. Maybe like 2 hours to setup entire gnome with all crap. Really not hard.
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    @haxk20 True, but I'm not familiar enough with Linux to make sure I get everything right with out spending some extra time on it. So I need to open a slot.of about 3 or so hours to work on this, and I haven't gotten that chance yet. But don't worry, that chance is coming soon (hopefully next week)...
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