New colleague in the office.

Him: How do you rename a file in terminal?
Me: Just sudo rm <filename>, rm stands for ReName.

I'm a horrible person.

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    Wouldn't it be RenaMe?
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    Yeah and ifconfig stands for IPconfig.... oh wait
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    That comes from InterFace config tho... Since, you know, you pass it network interfaces...
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    @C-Info my bad, just a typo
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    @TheInitializer do you receive jokes by UDP?
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    You forgot -rf
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    I'm so happy to use the GUI in 2017, don't need and don't care to use the terminal :)
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    @dontbeevil GUI on windows server is legit, but not on linux
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    @Data-Bound I think that I can speak in general, most developers are overreacting about command line stuff, they think to be cool using the command line, when you can do the same thing with 2 clicks, without typos or even worst wrong commands mistakes... and don't say that's is faster. (of course I'm talking in general and most of use cases, not specific ones where you cannot use the GUI at all or really slow you sensible down)
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    @dontbeevil dont worry it's more my experience, on any Linuxsystem I always had the feeling that GUI is holding me back. I won't throw in the "faster" argument but the functional one like piping. While on windows I'd be pretty damn lost without GUI
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    So...do you guys have any new openings now or what?
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    And if i know how to do it in the terminal i can wirte a script to automate it, if i need to do it multiple times.
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    A few days ago I watched some "teenage mutant ninja turtles" movie. In one scene: "It uses a command line interface. No one uses that anymore". And I was like: everything I do on linux is with a cli (ok, I use gnome-terminal via x forwarding. But that's because vim-css-color doesn't work via putty). I will never work on a linux box without a shell. And if my boss wants me to, I will say goodbye.
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    @apex Oh lol. I was really tired
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    @TheInitializer Gotcha, hahaha, it happens to all of us. I have a rant were I state that I tried to do math on notepad...
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    @dontbeevil why would anyone want to click anything ever, fingers on keyboard at all times mean I can do basically everything with my eyes closed, fast, precisely and see a full log of exactly what I'm doing
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    @webpoga wild me arrived
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    @rmahey how can you see the log if your eyes are closed? Checkmate atheists.
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    Haha I would never do something like this. At the end he could delete something important.

    Dude A: Where did our Website go? Its deleted.

    Dude B: I dont know, i just renamed the folder with your command.

    Dude A: *Post rant on devRant* 😂
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