dammmmn are there even offices like that?
(img from: gig, some gaming company's pic on their careers page)

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    Who would use that though? I can imagine dropping a bomb in that slide. Google has a jeepney and bike at the lobby though.
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    Wouldn't surprise me if there are.

    Trynna be "fun" and shit to attract people. It's pretty stupid
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    @Stuxnet I hate companies who try so hard to be "fun" but can't give a proper salary or has too much workload for anyone to even use their "fun" stuff.

    My previous company bragged about their gaming room but didn't manage to put any gaming consoles there for more than a year. At some point, I joked to my co-worker, "This company is so impoverished that I'd be willing to donate my Switch for all the peasants who promised all of this shit."
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    Anything to avoid paying higher salaries
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    I like the plants.
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    You can clearly see, that this object exists only because of decoration purpose.

    Why is that, you may ask?

    Well, the end of the slide looks quite untouched by hedonistic butts ^^

    On the other hand not paying the staff properly is kind of fun too, cynical fun :P
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    google and valve have weird shit in their offices iirc
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    @TylerDDevRant ๐Ÿคจ
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    I saw one such slide at a cinema in Berlin and I am sure my co-workers would love such slide in our office(especially our senior-dev's dog :D)
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    Hahaha.... Reality is often disappointing
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    Can you spot a single person in this picture? Perhaps all the slaves are baited there with nice facade ;)
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