Developer coworker just said to me that creating Dockerfile for project on which he is working is DevOps's job.

What are your thought on that statement?

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    Fukin true-er words were never said before.

    Devops can use a range of tecniques to build the smallest footprint image, easy to deploy anywhere. Dev don't care, and will include rsync, ffmpeg, and git in the final image, using multiple layers. Making an imagevthat should have been 10 mb into a 1.5 gb monster.
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    The one with better docker skills should write it. That probably means devops.
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    If you have devops separate from dev then you are doing it f-ing wrong.

    The whole point is that one team builds, deploys, monitors and maintains the product(s)
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    There are coders, cloud engineers, devops, scientists, architects, security specialists, testers, tech leads, automation specialists, code reviewers, unicorns, hobbits, storm troopers, wookies, trolls, wizards, fairies, agile team members, fellowship of the ring members, committers, followers, supporters, dogs, cats, centaurs, dinosaurs.

    Developers died or retired and are waiting for whole IT to join them.

    Your coworker is lying.
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    Depends on what your organisation decides where that role sits. There is no right or wrong answer.

    Personally I'd say it best fits with the developer.
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    It depends on the project probably. Even more than the actual docker skills they have. Deep knowledge of the project is a requisite to create a proper and useful image sometimes and (usually) there's no tutorial online telling people how your project works.
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    Syntax error as your org has both devs and devops. You can have a centralized team to help with those tasks but it's your job to build/deploy/run/monitor/maintain the application. If your using docker then this should be fairly trivial.
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    @Root What about the one with better knowledge of app stack?
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    @magicMirror But dev has better understanding of the what the app actually is, what does it need to run, etc...
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    @netnut Agree that building a docker image is DevOPS job, but is preparing Dockerfile devs job? Dev is the one that is more qualified with what he developed and what needs to be there to run his app.
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    @Glavic you misunderstood me. I believe that devops is the way to go entirely. Screw all handovers to ops. The roles dev and ops are obsolete. You build it you run it and all the crap that comes with it. There should however be supporting teams that can aid in constructing the docker image in a good way, maintaining k8s clusters etc. Their job should not be to run your docker image.
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    @Glavic Dev is full of crap. Devs will include stuff they need for debug, in production image bc - they "know better".
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    @netnut very true. A dev should evolve into devOps. A devOp needs to know not only how to implement a new feature, but also how to optimize, streamline, and simplify the deployment and production monitoring.
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    @magicMirror @netnut I agree with you guyz, this is what I’m trying to achive. Tnx for feedback
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