Do you ignore the warnings too? Or you use a library to stop them?

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    Unless the log file is blowing out....
    No, it's only a warning. It still works.
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    I fix every warning or error.
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    @-red Except when they happen inside a library that wasn't updated for months 😣
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    @Marl3x Yeah, which is why I try to minimize dependencies on external libraries. But this does not mean I reinvent the wheel. I just try to circumvent the need. I'm sometimes successful.
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    People not fixing warnings are antisocial retards.

    Every warning steals a tiny bit of time of every developer reading it and thinking about what it is and if it matters.

    Fix it, or I'll fix you.
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    I personally prefer to use -Werror and -Wfatal-errors so it treats warnings as errors and quits after the first error.
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    When I started at my current job, their main product had almost 2k warnings. To me they are like ads now, I don't even notice them.
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    Please fix them... I had to read a log with 1000 entries from 3 different warnings.
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