...This algo can predict new thermoelectric material discoveries years in advance...

Me to all material scientists : "Work harder or we'll replace you with AI".


P.S : I also need to work harder as I barely know the surface of Linear Regression.

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    I've followed ML for years, enough to predict general trends.

    For the majority, your effort or how 'hard' you work is entirely irrelevant.

    People joke about the 'automation apocalypse.'

    And a lot of people who don't have a fucking clue doomsay about it.

    Well I do have a clue, enough to say with some certainty, not bullshitting, that how hard you work wont matter. You will *definitely* be replaced.

    Likewise those saying 'work smarter', will also be replaced.

    I've seen enough of the general direction to write these things with certainty and conviction.

    It's not even a "maybe", it's a "definitely."

    And contrary to the "yes but only in certain industries", it's in fact going to be just about every walk of life, every job and profession out there. We are experiencing a "Cambrian explosion" in variety, capability, and reach of automation.

    Enjoy a beer & watch the normal cultural expectations of work lead to the entire skyline burning.
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