New policy at work!!

Now we have to submit a Doctors certificate as proof if someone is taking sick leaves for more than 2 days or if someone is taking sick leave on Friday or on Monday(Seems trust issues LOL).


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    Im in a country where it is normal to visit a Doctor on the first day. It really sucks and does not prevent people from visiting doc holiday and telling him to write them a sick note for a week or two if they want.
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    @rutee07 Damn! That's exactly what people are talking right now xD.
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    @Falk Same here. I don't find that abnormal at all.

    @lazysnail Seems like your doctors are willing to do anything in exchange of a bit of money.
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    Doesn't seem wrong to me
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    When I'm sick enough to stay at home, I'm automatically sick enough to get at least three days from the doctor.

    That's the usual result of such measures, the sick leave goes up and not down. That's why most companies only require that for more than three days - to keep people from going to the doctor for small issues.
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    @irene Not normal for me at least, I usually don't go to doc as my parents are doc and I know prescription for most of the time.
    I only go to doc if there is something major and I think many people do same if they know tablets.
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    @Konsole Yea, maybe but I don't want to spent few bucks and wait in queue if I know the prescription but that's just my perspective.
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    @lazysnail That's there. But employees often make excuses and claim medicals. So in places where they have separate casual leaves and medical leaves, submitting a proof becomes kinda necessary
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    @lazysnail Thing is, if I'm sick enough to stay at home, I usually need things that I can't get by just going to the pharmacy. Those requires a prescription from a doctor.
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    My company has it so we can take sick days for mental health reasons too, plus normally no hard time about it unless they're becoming regular
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    Don't some countries still operate in the old fashioned way that if you are sick, you don't actually get paid anything for not being at work ?

    This, getting paid for being sick thing, of course folk are going to take advantage !

    One guy I chatted with at work once was telling me how he figured out he could be off sick with a bad back for 5 months, 3 weeks and 4 days, without needing a doctors certificate and still get paid !

    So every year, around summer time, he would take off 5 months, 3 weeks and 4 days..

    Did that for 10 years in a row, and didn't get fired !

    When I became manager, I transferred any staff who had told me stories about that and / or had a tendency to be sick when they wasn't really.

    Such as when local sporting events was on half the workforce would be off sick watching it !
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    I made a point out their silly policies in one place I worked when they told us we could self sign our sick notes.

    So I took 40 days off !

    Then they changed their policy to at least 3 days before you needed a real doctors note.

    This had quite a dramatic reduction in sick leave amounts !
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    @Konsole yes, that's the reason they added this policy but yea I might be wrong just because I never tried to take advantage of those leaves also I'm the only one who don't take much leaves, I literally had 40%+ leaves remaining last year maybe that's why I'm thinking this is unfair for people who don't exploit this things. I hope you get my point.
    And also yea if people are abusing this then yea this makes sense to add this kind of policy.
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    @Techno-Wizard Yes, at my workplace few seniors take leaves due to stress issues too and yes my point was same if someone is genuinely taking leaves then it's kinda unfair, I can agree if someone is doing intentionally but yea how management will get to know this.
    Seems I'm thinking too much about this xD
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    @lazysnail If they have no distinction between normal and medical leaves, then it doesn't make sense.
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