Getting real tired of your crap, Google. How can I be a technology worker in a world where I have to help clients who use your services without destroying my own privacy in the process? If I tried to live off the grid and keep my profession, it would be like an Amish person doing IT by writing code, etc. on paper with a pen and giving it to someone else to type into a computer.


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    Hopefully they will be forced to remove it and provide a way to override the default
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    Actually sounds kinda cool.

    Have a contest in amish country with typewriters.

    The amish student who writes something more complex than 'hello world' (and it compiles+runs) wins a goat!

    Runner up gets an old hen.
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    I'm not surprised, sounds like Goooooooooooooogle
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    I'm not seeing my PayPal transactions in there at least.
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    @IAmAnIssue how is that possible? PayPal does send emails right, unless you had a Non-Google email account?
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