Fuck these braindead people who don't include OOB remote installation option or at least a virtual keyboard into installation CDs. What if I don't have one/the one I have is broken? (and no, I can't just go out and buy a new one, okay?)

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    Who doesnt have a spare keyboard at home??

    I had a similar problem a few weeks ago. I eas installing win7 which didnt have usb drivers for my mainboard. But my ps2 keyboard worked just fine. And guess what. Installing win7 with just a keyboard is somewhat possible. But the usb drivers on the cd that came with my mobo had a fucking menu that you could only navigate with a mouse. Where the heck should I get a fucking ps2 nouse from???!
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    @b3b3 I have a spare PS/2 keyboard, but you can't plug in a PS/2 keyboard into a Mac, it need a USB one. :(
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    at least there's still unattended installs...
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    @mishaor fuck. Thats why I only buy hardware with ps2 ports. My laptop has two and my mainboard one. Ps2 is reliable as hell.
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    @b3b3 why install win7 at this point? (I know one valid reason)
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    @electrineer I've been using win10 for gaming and some random linux distro for programming. And I just got sooo fucking upset with win10 (automatically installing candy fuck crush shit, randomly takes long to open some programs, ui inconsistencies). So I just decided to give win7 a try as I just need a fucking os that lets me play my games without distracting me. Installation was a bit difficult (because of missing usb drivers) but now everything is running super smooth.
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    @b3b3 shame it can't be installed on Kaby Lake R, I wanted to play some Wine games.
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    @mishaor really? The fuck? Whats the problem? Generally Intel?
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    @b3b3 Windows 7 apparently doesn't have drivers for Kaby Lake R and will prevent updates to force user to switch to Windows 10
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    @mishaor those assholes. I've been using win7 for a few weeks now (even did some programming and stuff on it) and it feels wayyy snappier in comparison to win10.

    I disabled all animations and set that option that shows a box when you move a window instead of moving it right away. Thats for me a true PC experience. Fast, does what I want. I'll probably not go back to win10 so fast.
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