How many commits do u guys do on a daily basis

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    @Reha 5-15 per day😂🤫
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    Sometimes 10, sometimes 0.
    Depends on the day and what I'm doing.
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    Yeah no of commits is what defines a good programmer. Fuck you
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    I don't commit all the time because I finished already. 🙄
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    @grumpyoldaf feel like we had this talk a while ago when someone bragged about their repo and people went investigating and found out most of his commits were just adding comments to code or renaming files 😂🙄
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    @Root finished?
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    @grumpyoldaf username checks out ahhahaha
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    More commits !== better programmer
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    Commits to my org (which is what i normally work with) don't have an impact on my personal commit history, so none?

    But normally i try and have weekly merges from the dev branch to the base branch so integration keeps my commit history pretty stable.
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    OK I have to tell you the truth..
    I do not use Github

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    I have scripts that automatically commit on a daily basis, so my GitHub commit history is skewed and shows activity on every day my computers are used. It's a great way to create a lot of fake activity, but it doesn't say anything if it isn't open source.
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