Anyone here using Kindle? I'm wondering wheather it's worth getting.

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    Thought the same thing but never pulled the trigger on one.
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    Yes I have Kindle, I would say if you are a bookworm and love to read books then get it otherwise it is not worth the money.
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    @C0D4 me? Y
    I don't live in the US so I can't use most of their prime service
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    I got one in spite of being skeptical about it, and I have to say it's pretty cool.
    If you like to read often but cannot carry all the physical books with you all the time, the kindle is a great way to carry as many books as you like with you.
    The battery lasts for over a week even with usage (and about 1 month if you keep it off), especially if you turn off the wifi.
    Also, the screen is really great, you can read in any light condition without any eye strain - from full darkness to full sunlight.
    Also, it's "medium" scratch-resistant: it won't scratch too easily, but if it rubs agaist some other hard objects you will end up with some annoying marks. You might want to get a cover
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    It's not like a tab. There's no RGB; just charged ink, so it's truly like reading a real book. Also, you get the same books for a bit less price than paperback, though you can't lend the book to others(except, of course, lending the Kindle itself and sharing the password). It has a built-in browser, though it's slow and no match for a real browser.
    If you do decide to get it, get the 300 ppi one. Much better than the 167ppi one.
    Also, don't get the Kindle Fire. That's just a Kindle-branded tablet, and is subject to all the cons of any other tablet. Get the Paperwhite.
    If you carry your phone everywhere with you, get the Wifi version. Else, get the Wifi/3G version.
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    Kindle user here: Calibre is your friend! ;)
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    @k33da bang on! I am on my second Kindle. My first one was broken by an angry person. Reading never stops though
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    I've got the paperwhite. I read in some languages that have little or no dictionary support for kindle. If you do too, I would check that first. Otherwise, I love it. Kindle + calibre = 👍
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