What does that mean?

Noticed it while on another rant but didn’t want to hijack the topic. I’m genuinely curious.

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    Multi country?
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    It is a politically loaded term describing and criticising muslim influence in Sweden.
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    @possum like Londonstan
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    @bkwilliams Londonabad
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    On a slightly unrelated note: Usbekistan doesn't have anything to do with USB
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    @12bitfloat what! But that totally makes sense if it did.
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    @Root Hyderabad ?
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    @-red Hydrabad? Hydra bad.
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    Making fun of muslims overrunning Sweeden.

    I think shits hilarious
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    It’s making fun of the Swedish person’s masochistic love for immigrants, to the point that they are happy Swedish culture is being erased. I think it’s funny, I have no love for people who hate the lands of their ancestors.
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    @monzrmango Interesting. On my part I have no love for people who think that loving their country just means to make it remain the same as before as much as possible
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    @abirz Your first assumption is wrong. People thinking this kind of thing don't use logic.
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    @abirz I don't understand what the word bigot has to do with the context, but Swedenistan isn't to make fun of the muslims, if anything it's to mock the Swedish condition; that you'd rather have your native people and culture erased than to break out of conformity. You will be called a (insert marxist smear word) if you make certain observations, and Swedish people would rather walk hand in hand into oblivion then call any attention to the fact that they don't agree, to avoid being called said smear word and be singled out of the flock.
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    @nonox Tell that to the Chinese.
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    @ doesnt work in a posts only in comments.

    Its a nickname for Sweden because of all of the immigrants from the middle east coming in. And many of them is from Pakistan.
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    Ahhh, thanks. Explains why I’ve seen someone post a rant and then add the ‘@‘ in the comment.

    I see. I guess that’s down to the immigration policy ... 🤷‍♂️

    According to Wikipedia, the only country that sounds like that is Afghanistan, and it’s way down no. 10. Neither Afghanistan or Pakistan are in the Middle East, but yeah there are many Middle Eastern countries in that list.

    Have you had negative experiences with migrants in Sweden?
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    *Afghanistan. Sorry

    No i havent but there are a lot of other people who have
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