Mondays - the day everyone hates and the day that I hated.

But I made changes to my routine on mondays. Instead of trying to maximize my time in the bed - I go up before 5 AM and drive to the office. Spend a hour in the gym (I really need it), eat breakfast and have a couple of hours for myself in the office.
I manage to get more things done during this time, because people are not bothering me :)

Well, happy monday to you!

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    I tried that once.. next day I woke up 2 hours late.
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    I don't discriminate, I hate all mornings equally. I'm glad you found something that works for you though.
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    I've found that getting the "morning" out of the way early helps.

    I used to wake up at 3am, go to the gym then get to work by 7 and get the boring things done before 9. That way the morning is basically done and everything's that bit better.
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    I'm glad that works for you, but damn, the last time I had to get up around 5AM I was a zombie for the rest of the day. That would not be good for my employer!
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    Have you tried it? I thought the same :)
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    @Linux Yes, I've had to be up at that time before when doing critical server maintenance.

    Quite how the servers survived I'm not sure.
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    Mondays are easy, you're all charged up from the weekend, and ready to attack the week.

    Tuesdays on the other hand... Reality hits you, and the weekend is still far away.
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    4 hour work day for the same wage - now! 😄
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    I need to compensate :)
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