How do you get new employees?

We have a lack of personnel in our company. We do not receive applications via job advertisements or advertising.

Our company is modern, has good project planning and employees receive company cars. Projects made in react, node, php, java and python.

So, how can we find new employees? Which way are you going?

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    by choosing the best devs from all around the world and not just germany.
    remote job portal

    Digital Nomad documentary

    And if it's advertised that you get a company car you're saying that your company is far far away from anywhere of interest. Young people prefer cities with public transport where you don't have to look at the time table.

    Also hire graduates right at graduation. Seek for collaboration with unis and higher education institutions. Sponsor some research and find tallent?

    But i've heard that most companies in Germany who whine about "Fachkräftemangel" just expect so much and only want to pay shity low wages. Maybe that's your company too? 😏

    Where in Germany is your company located? 🙂
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    I am new grad. I don't have any experience in creating job advertisements but I havr fresh experience on looking for best positions. So here is what I consider most when job hunting;

    1. Is job posting consistent? If job title says Backend Developer and it contains something like jQuery, React, Angular, that posting is inconsistent. They will probably assign even more tasks to you. That kind of positions must called full stack you know.

    2. Is requirements too much? If a job posting explicitly requires technology/framework experience like '3 years experience in x framework' thats a bad sign for me too. Because that hr eliminates too much good devs with shitty framework experience. There may be a really good candidate that can learn that framework like in 1 month. Will you prefer some dumbass that doesn't know much but have 4 years of experience in framework x? I don't think so.
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    Pay more.

    This is main reason for not getting new employees in any industry. I see decent number of articles about shops with sign "will hire [xyz]", but what they don't say is "minimum wage, normal rate for overtime, a lot of overtime, ideally student or cripple or senior or all 3 in one so we get discount on taxes or subsidies". Of course it does not exactly apply in IT, but low wage is still a thing. I saw recently article about government looking for experienced IT people for nearly minimum wage (including military service). Like what the fuck man.
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    3. Is candidate's responsibilities clearly stated? I saw some job postings that just includes what is the requirements and doesn't contains what is devs responsibilities. Thats a bad thing too.

    4. What are the side benefits? Is there something that motivates me to work? Some job postings clearly states side benefits like some fun stuff or things like stock option. Thats an important plus for me.
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    Well if you don't receive applications through job ads, it means they're unattractive for some reason to devs. If you have any dev friends, I'd send them ad link and ask them what they think about it.

    From my experience these problems are mostly:
    - bad salary
    - unflexabile environment (can even be worse if office is on bad location)
    - outdated technologies
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    hire a creative agency for an hyper targeted advertisement campaign. And let them have some freedom on comming up with ideas for benefits and on how to improve your hiring process.
    Every Euro spent in design gets a double return of investment.

    Hypertargeted Marketing

    Service Designer - solves busines processes wholeisticly.

    Service Designer betrachten den kompletten Prozess einer Dienstleistung und gestalten 
diesen so reibungslos und konsistent wie möglich.
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    I can work with you
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    drop php

    ps: I love php
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    For Germany I wouldn't focus to much on students but more on aprentiship (Berufslehre). The advantage is, you'll get people who have worked for 3-4 years vs. People from university who think they know it all and can reason about an algorithm but often don't know how to implement it propperly.

    What I'd donis communicate the salary range. Ex. Stack overflow has that option in their job advertisments. Oh and keep it narrow. Don't have like a 20k range!
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    Well this never happens here
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    Remove php from job description. Honestly even the risk of me doing php would make look elsewhere.
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    1) Do you post salary bands? Why not?
    2) Do you pay above market average?
    3) Do you have unrealistic expectations?
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    In your case, the main obstacle is the company location pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

    I wouldn't relocate into such a village for sure because then I wouldn't have any other job option than, well, your company. It's not a clever strategy to cut down one's options.

    You would need to compensate with a lot more cash, but you won't do that because the whole reason for your location is because it's cheap.

    OR! You could just not require people to live there and instead do remote work. That would be attractive for a lot of devs.

    And why is your company even listing jQuery in 2019? That smells like either a lot of legacy code, required support for old IE or devs who don't know JS. All of which are bad signs.
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    @Fast-Nop you're right! 😲
    this company is so far away from anywhere. No wonder nobody wants to work there.
    Google Maps

    By public transit it's 1 hour and 35 min to next big german city (oldenburg) Or 1 hour 40 minutes from the next big dutch city of groeningen. Both require a 25 minutes walk from the bus station to the office.

    this sucks! no wonder he doesn't find a dev.
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    @heyheni the place is so dead that even planes hurry up a bit when flying over because they get bored.
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    Remove the sentence

    Finanzielle Soforthilfe in Notsituationen

    What's your first thought when you read it?
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    Hello, everybody,

    thank you very much for your answers!

    To the first answers I can write that the company pays really well. Every employee is valued and there is a good atmosphere. We receive up-to-date hardware, use modern tools and can use whatever we want at any time.

    # Products
    Our software products are placed in the tobacco and shipping sector. From stock management to ticket sales we offer software.

    # Location
    Compared to Berlin, the location is remote and far away. But up here there are also a lot of programmers and beside us there are about 10 other software companies.

    # Application process
    It's a short way. Just send us an e-mail and the boss looks at the application and sends out invitations. Almost anything can be discussed.

    I will show this entry to my manager. Thank you!
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    Since some have asked, here is our job advertisement: https://mdsi.de/stellenangebote/...

    Benefits include lunch, air-conditioned offices, Hansefit (discounts in Sportclus, swimming pools, etc.) company cars and flexitime.
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    @turbopixel I'd realy try to be up front about the salary. and I'd include something like "latest hardware and best software money can buy" or something at the perks.
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