Just FYI. I will never use Twitter/Facebook share options on devRant.

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    Me neither, I don't want others to directly see what I rant about everyday
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    As long as you keep sharing your findings from PornHub, it's all good.
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    oh, there is Facebook/Twitter share button on devRant?
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    It would be nicer for me if those buttons are removed. Or if there had been an option to remove them. They seem like such a waste on my screen. If there's one thing I hate, it's futility.
    @alexbrooklyn @Jilano @Coffe2Code
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    Just FYI I use arch btw
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    @Frederick that explains what that meeting was about today.
    I was completely confused and lost on what he was talking about.
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    @C0D4 I'm pretty sure it was about Dave stealing banana. Fuck you, Dave.
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    I deactivated my account years ago. Still don’t regret it, but there are time when I have to get some information and it becomes necessary to open facebook. For eg: to connect with new ppl and for updates on my graduate college there is only one single group on facebook and nowhere else on any social-media platform
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    @Jilano bloody Dave, and his banana's.
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    Good for you. I'm sure they can figure out if a feature is used by a number of people or not. Thanks for the spam.
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    @demortes The point is to make it optional. Besides, if you thought this was spam, why did you bother commenting ? Fucking intolerants.
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    Common sense. It is optional. I don't see the buttons. They don't demand it. Don't click it. Fucking morons
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    Right. There are morons who don't seem to get what I'm getting at and as a result, trigger superficial discussions. Lack of attention maybe ?
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    i ignored those buttons so hard i didn't even notice they were there until i read this rant
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    @darksideofyay I've tried. But I just hate anything futile on my phone.
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    Me neither but then, I don't have Facebook and twitter so...
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