Management: foobar resigned. We need to have a dev who can work the android app project.

Me: You have to find a dev who can work with that stack.

Management: You!

Me: Me?

Management: Yes, You.

Me: Me? Why me? I'm a web dev.

Management: Starting tomorrow you will work for 2 projects.

Me: but..

Management: accept it or..

Me: Okay. -_-



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    1) wtf
    2) I'd work more relaxed. And if someone asks why it takes so long say its because you have to maintain 2 projects
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    @b3b3 They don't really care about that. -_-
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    You: Sure, I'll take on 2 projects if you adjust my title and salary accordingly, to compensate me for the extra work I'll have to put in
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    OMG I know this too well. I ended up doing 6/7 different projects/roles while managing a team of 5 developers and never could get a raise or anything. Not even the resources required for me to effectively run it all. Thankfully that company is in the past now for me.
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    Not sure about the job market where you are, but I'd tell them to either hire a new dev or ghthey'll have to hire two, as you'll quit too.

    Don't let them do this. Stop it right there.

    If you still choose to do it, I'd reccomend to take a look at flutter, as dart is almost javascript.
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    Do it or we'll replace you with a commodity developer.

    Wait. You ARE a commodity developer.
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    You: accept it or? or WHAT? Or as in, now you'll have to look for TWO devs?
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    Sounds like the expectations of my previous manager, now his ass is in another office dealing with a position and project he now hates.

    Karmas a bitch but now I have AMAZING and understanding managers. I develop 2 RPA bots a week and my new manager tells me to take my time and don’t rush them. Problem is, some of them are so fucking simple and easy that I get them both done in less than an hour.

    20 bots so far and counting...

    Really hope you find a better gig dude!
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