So today my middle company put a meeting with the new HR.

Meeting subject: you can't poach inside the company.

Context: I resigned, and I'll be taking with me 3 profiles.

HR: If you do take them, we'll take you to court.

Me: Why?

HR: It's poaching and by contract, you can't.

Me: You can show which clause?

HR: That's not the problem.

Me: Also in France, you need to notify the employee as you are denying his right to get a job. And pay him for that.

HR: What? That's none sense! Stop talking and listen.

Me: Ok

HR: We'll sue you and crush you. You'll have so much legal problem that you...

Me: I'll just start recording on my phone, so you say that you accept it and continue your intimidation rant.

HR: What? No!! Stop that.

Me: *stop it* Would you rather have my lawyer with us? Because we'll need to reschedule the meeting.

HR: If you continue that way, we'll tarnish your name and no company will hire you.

Me: You really aren't familiar with IT, right? Because I could delete ALL production. No system work. The BCP will kick in. You will lose one or two days. Then make an article of it, showing what kind of process or security should have been implemented. And I will still get a high pay job!!

HR: You know what? Get out! If you want to go to war, your problem.

Me: Ok, so you'll be getting news from my lawyer by mail.

HR: what?

Me: Yeah, that harassment. And my lawyer will get in touch. And I might also post on LinkedIn. And talk about it in the next events I'm invited.

HR: that's, that's...

Me: freedom of speech. Don't worry I'll write it so it's only viewed as my opinion. Have a nice day.

Two hours later my friend, lawyer, send them a mail and email.

Three hours later the COO calls me. Saying that HR was out of line and that it'll no occur again. It was an error and I should be forgiving.

So now all discussion with HR must be held with my attorney :). And middle company pay for it.

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    10/10 wish I was there with popcorn
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    Poaching it's when you leave and recruit people from your ex-company/ex-team.

    My number two, the data scientist, the SRE. High qualified middle management.

    And I'll also take the head of product and an adminsys. But they don't know yet.
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    @irene if there was competition in the same domain. That's a cool thing in French law, and mostly European law: civil judgement are as crazy as in the US. Trolling is not so easy in France.

    That being said, in France when you create a company, you are a founder, there can't be bad competition. And yes they will also be founders.
    And lastly, you have to part with a large percentage of the previous teams.

    But, yes I know.
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    Sounds like the company sucks, but threatening to delete all production systems is a dick move, and could potentially land you in more legal trouble
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    Somebody should make a film about your story.
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