You know those "door close" buttons in elevators that do nothing, but give impatient people something to do while they wait for the door to close on its own?

Devrant's -- button is the same, isn't it?

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    No, devRant buttons work, but they can't go below 0
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    @forkbomber I have -2 rating on the on off my rants. I'm pretty sure that button works.
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    I thought only you could see the score from your own post if it's below 0? Right @dfox?
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    @xroad oh:) interesting...
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    The button does nothing, as mentioned by @dfox on some other rant
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    -- does a few things.

    1. No matter what the downvote reason is, it helps our algo learn about your preferences.

    2. If the reason is "not for me" which should be used any time the other reasons don't apply, then our alto learns but the original poster is not penalized.

    3. Reason repost doesn't penalize the original poster but does help hide the rant for people who don't want to see reposts. And if too many people vote it a repost then it gets hidden for everyone and the OP may lose points.

    4. Offensive/spam always hurts the original poster and will show up as a negative score. Using that downvote reason inappropriately results in loss of downvote power and your downvote having no affect on any rants.
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    @dfox wow, you guys really thought it through. How many stand ups went into that?
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    @xroad just one drunken meeting!

    Haha I kid.
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