He was a nice guy, skilled, reasonable, a lot of knowledge.
Until he said "I'm going to assign a girl to your project, BUT don't worry, she is very good"

I was about to jump, but handshakes and further jokes went on and I wasn't able to speak up.
Plus he is the CEO assigned by the investors to be our new software provider.


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    so you've got problems with working with women? 😧
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    Suppose its because @deviloper boss thinks, that most female coders have no skill, and she's one of the few exceptions.
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    @metamourge so the CEO is a chauvinist, ok, sucks!
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    WoMeN EqUaLiTy
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    @heyheni 🤭🔪
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    @heyheni no, I have problems working with people in a management position saying that kind of things
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    @deviloper rightfully so!
    Sorry for missreading your rant
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    Those types of bosses are a real joy.
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    Yeah that's what these women quota have done. Delivered as ordered.
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    @Fast-Nop I agree. Literally the worst thing for ensuring diversity is to enforce quotas. The hirees always get to wonder if they were just hired to meet the quota and the teams receiving these new hires get to wonder whether they get someone competent or just someone pulled in off the streets to meet some arbitrary % of the team comp. Ugh I hate it so much and the thought of being hired not for my skill set but for my gender makes me sick.
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    @Elyz Exactly, and in that regard, the boss has a point so far. Maybe he's also a chauvi, but that doesn't follow from his remark alone.
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    Btw., my first female direct peer in systems engineering, that was in the early 2000s, and she had a master in math. That was rather unrelated to the job, but still it earned her instant respect because everyone figured that you just had to be bright to pull that off.
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    @Fast-Nop the only "defense" I can find for him is that HE thinks that WE think that a woman as less abilities so he want to help us overcoming our bias.
    But it's still very lame and he is actually strengthening the stereotype, highlighting that she has a lot of "balls".

    (why balls are better than ovaries anyway?)

    it's really all very sad
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    @deviloper no, he is actually right THESE DAYS after standards have been lowered for women. That's what quotas do after all.

    Plus that useless diversity hires can prop up the shares on the stock market, at least as long as this fad endures, so the shareholders are happy.
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    @Fast-Nop In my of course limited experience, quotas or other notionally preferential hiring merely counters to some extent the myriad biases that prevent women being evaluated equivalently to their male peers.

    It has been well demonstrated that equivalent resumes are judged differently if a name is changed to be masculine or feminine. This applies also to paper acceptance, for example, so a female candidate will typically have a less compelling publication record than an equivalently skilled in research male candidate, and so on.
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    @halfflat that's just a myth, as much as the alleged pay gap. The fact is just that men and women aren't identical, that's why much fewer women than men care about tech and subsequently end up in tech. It has nothing to do with discrimination, but with freedom of choice.

    Nobody cares that there are much more coal miners, construction workers, road workers etc. who are male, and nobody cares that there are much more men killed in work accidents than women.

    Nobody cares that there are much more men homeless and in prison. Nobody claims that glass bars keep women out of prison. There it's suddenly that men just behave differently. Yeah sure.
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    @Fast-Nop Given the documented randomised studies, etc., I believe you are incorrect.
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    @Fast-Nop very complex subject. This short video of famous Ronaldo soccer player made me think.

    About choices, education, freedom, bias:
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    @deviloper all in all, I think that in Western countries, the problems were solved already in the 1990s when a woman who wanted to do tech stuff just did it, and the fact that she did it was proof that she belonged there.

    It's exactly these real tech women who are now screwed by third wave feminism.
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    @Frederick Of course not because it isn't about "discrimination". The whole point of the victim olympics is that incompetent leeches want to grab money despite being unable to compete.
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    @Fast-Nop which is ridiculous imho. An even playing field would be preferable, I got no time for leeches, regardless of what's between their legs. I wish it was the norm to submit applications with no personal info like name or pictures to get unbiased evaluations.
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    @Elyz yeah that's how it is in my company. I'm now working with a female dev, and she is neither senior to me nor my boss, but she knows this specific project much better than I do. So of course I give her the lead because that's how we will get shit done.
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    @Elyz I continue to be both shocked and amazed that it is not only permitted, but expected, that in this country applications include age and a photo. A photo!
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    Since, you know, us women code so bad the first coder ever was a woman.

    Really sorry about your boss, I hope you manage to make the best of this work experience nonetheless
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    @Elyz In Italy it's frowned upon (or straight up disqualifying) to include sex (or gender) in curricula. Yet we still have quotas… Makes one wonder
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