Is it unprofessional if I write "No recruiters! Thank You." in my LinkedIn Summary? Because I get at least 3-4 messages a day from recruiters with a lot of buzzwords.

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    It is not unprofessional; in fact, I'd do the same if I ever made an account on there.
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    They'll ignore it and contact you anyway
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    where are you from man..
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    “I’ve seen you have ‘no recruiters’ in your description. It made me laugh as it reminded me of myself 6 months ago, I completely agree with you, the way recruiters currently conduct themselves is disgraceful.

    That’s why I stepped away and setup my own recruitment firm, so we can do things right. Would you be free for a call sometime to discuss how we could help each other?”

    ^ this x 4692, in the next 6 months
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    @practiseSafeHex Jesus fucking Christ.
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    @Coffe2Code I work in U.S.A. where the market is a disaster.
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    @ColdFore it will happen dude. I was fed up with maybe 1/10 of mine being about a hybrid mobile role. So I put “no hybrid” in mine. I’d say it’s gone to 4/10 now.

    Keywords mofo, keywords!
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    No, but don't expect it to work.
    They don't actually read anything.
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    Hi I'm recruiter xy,

    were currently developing THE new facebook using blockchain backed up by maschine learning aswell as agile development stuff.

    Pls respond
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    One day you make need them...let’s not piss them off just ignore them.
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    @b3b3 It's machine learning.
    Du Maschine 😉
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    @katbreitin Trust me. There were 2 time that I really needed a job. I went to recruiters. I did not find anything. Not a single phone interview, let alone on site interview.
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    So many of my contacts on there are recruiters. I figure I'm collecting them for a rainy day. If things go south, I can go on that platform and basically post that I need a job and they'll all come running.
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    @practiseSafeHex Well played, sir. In fact, it was so close to reality it made me incredibly angry.
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    Isn’t the only reason for a LinkedIn account to advertise yourself to potential employers?
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    I have "don't call me during office hours" and just block the fuckers who do, it filters out the worst recruiters and i can look through the emails on weekends. Anything generic goes straight to the trash (if you can't even tell me what the company is doing then GTFO)
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    I keep getting recruiters offering help desk positions. Contract positions. In other countries. Listen, I spent two years in a help desk role. That's enough for my lifetime. I just got out last year. I'm not going back in. Especially not as a contractor. Especially not on another freaking continent.

    @matste It's also for connecting with employers and coworkers. And even if it is for job-searching, what do you do after you get a new job? Delete your account?
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    @BoomRaccoon ah fuck I always mess it up. Thats for telling me, I'll try to remember :*
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    @ColdFore Are they really that useless? As a junior dev I am one of the ugly chicks at the party they don’t want to fuck...so they mostly leave me alone.
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