saw some stuff witj codehub logo on it and i was curious about what it is. so i went to the site and clicked on the sign in button and saw this...
i will not sign in to that.

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    @Flake you surely have never worked in a pressured environment. The last four months our whole product has been updated regularly without actual testing besides developer testing to see if basic things work.
    Our customer has strict deadlines, not sure if Ive posted it on here but imagine a system for tickets for an event where ten thousands of people want to get tickets for the moment it goes live.

    I do want to leave the project but at the same time my boss is already at a point a burnout will happen between now and 6 months. (he is the only other dev on the project at the moment)
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    Yep, looks like CSS to me. I'd flexbox the shit out of that. And probably end up way worse, but I'd try.
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    @Flake i am relaxed xD

    What I meant was that even though as dev you know there are issues you sometimes dont have the choice. It works, that is more important than flawless styling according to many customers.
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    I'm with @Flake, pressured or not.

    That atrocity doesn't belong in production and a dev should have identified their form UI is completely stuffed up simply be resizing their desktop browser and going "oh, it don't work this small - let's add a little tweak and move on"
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    @C0D4 I have OCD and get triggered more than most of the people here. I know of some similar situations in our product but the complete styling is a horror (previous freelancer) and its not a 10 minute fix. I would have to completely restructure the complete page and then restyle it to fix it. The 8 hours it takes to fix it is about 12 hours more than we have.

    Yes it's bad but I dont immediately blame the dev, but the time manager.
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