>> please help me understand this because im going insane <<

I texted a girl to review my app on google play store

She was like yeah sure

She played the game and said it was cool, told me feedback etc

We chatted about it for a bit

I asked her if she could rate it 5 stars and leave a review and thats it....

She said sure what do u want me to write hahaha

I said anything just something positive

She said oh god fine wait

8 minutes of awkward silence.

8 minutes later i asked her if shes done

5 minutes later she said "Ys hahah"

1 minute later i receive this attached notification that someone had actually left a review.

Within 30 seconds i open it and google play tells me this review has been deleted.

I ask her could you send me a screenshot of your review.

Hours passed by, no answer.

I asked her what happened now, why did you delete your review?

Hours and hours passed by... She doesn't want to enter my message but she is actively texting other people..... I know this because on Snapchat there are points below your name, each time you send or receive 1 message you get +1 point. Last time she sent me that "Ys hahah" was at 42576 points, and now shes at 42594.

I am extremely pissed off about people like this. I actually want to stress about this but i no longer have even energy. Can someone please help me understand why...

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    You're expecting people to do you favors for free? You really kind of can't imo.
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    defuq, this is not how to promote an app.. the wrong person
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    She did what you asked 🤷‍♂️
    You didn't ask her *not* to retract it.

    Also people are assholes, it's just the way they are.
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    We can help you if you share your app though. And I won't delete my review
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    @Coffe2Code i know this girl for over 8 months so i just wanted to share it with her.....
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    @SukMikeHok don't be needy with people who don't understand. You'll just look like a jerk.

    Share it with us.

    We got this. We understand why you are needy. The sweat and tears. All of it.
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    @Cultist ......i am not needy, i know her for multiple months and i simply asked her if she wants to do it, why cant you fucking say no i dont want to do it instead of wasting my time and energy by ignoring me.....
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    Expectation is not the root cause of all evils, but too much of expectations may lead to frustrations, irritation or even a heartbreak, if you fail to receive the result you always wanted!
    - Copied
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    @SukMikeHok drop it here fam
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    Dont waste your fucking time, on people who are to fucking afraid to even reply. Nothing is more pathetic than that.
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    @Frederick is that another account?
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    @rendezvous dunno,. but there was another person called @Frederick and he's not jAsE as I know
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    @Coffe2Code I deleted my old one, since i didnt find any value in what i had posted on that one anymore. So i deleted it.
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    Maybe she really didn’t like it and she doesn’t know how to tell you
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    Let's see the app and help with the review
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    Recommended book for you.

    The art of not giving a fuck.
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    Probably she's insecure. And didn't like what she wrote.

    Just send her a generic script and ask her to post it. See what happens. If she does and doesn't retract it. Then she's insecure. If she does ignore you again, then forget that person. Just be nice, always be nice to people it forges your character.
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    > why cant you fucking say no

    Women will generally say whatever they need to say to keep you happy, at least in the short term..

    Note, it may be the truth at that moment in time, but not the truth 5 seconds later..

    I believe this is why we evolved big brains, not to do actual work, but to get someone else to do the actual work and convince them with words..

    It reminds me of a dating related thing I've seen women say about men (Just to balance the gender argument..) that you don't trust what they say, only what they do.

    Eg. If they say they are a millionaire, only take notice if they pay for dinner..

    Not that you have to be a millionaire to pay for dinner, you might use a credit card and pay for it years later !
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    FX [ Nods in general agreement. ]

    I no longer expect people to keep promises (As such, don't even bother asking for them!), or even turn up when they say they will, or anything really !

    Though I do find men are more reliable than women in my experience in doing what they say they will.

    That's if you can actually ever pin them down to an answer..

    And that answer better be bullet proof, and not "Oh I didn't think you mean X, I thought you mean't Y.."
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    Stop caring
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    @Trumby to optimize aso for start
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