What is the best way to set up two monitors? Every single configuration I try, I end up having to turn my head left/right on such a regular basis that I actually get a sore neck. :(

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    Don’t get two monitors. Use the virtual desktop feature and see if it helps.
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    I sit in front of the first monitor and look at the second when needed. Usually, I have reference material on the second monitor (docs, some article, a video, email, whatever) and do all my work on the first one.

    When using a mac, I don't use 2 monitors. I use F3.
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    @grumpyoldaf It depends on the use case. If you need something to stay for a while, let's say documentation, it's better to have two monitors.

    Mine are set up like @IAmAnIssue.

    Also, quick question to OP, do you really have to turn your head? Isn't it possible to just move your eyes?
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    Look specially at 1:27 for the thing with two monitors
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    Left, right, lappy in a middle
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    @Jilano I think the ratio of desk space and monitor width is what causes me to have to physically turn my head when they are set up.

    My desk is in a corner, if I put one monitor directly in front of me, the other has to be placed pretty far on the side, my eyes wouldn't be able to see it by just looking.

    If I try to place both monitors in front, they won't fit, and I'd be turning my head to look between both as well.
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    @damleadwait thank you, this was a really helpful video!
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    @grumpyoldaf I haven't actually tried that before, might give it a shot. Thank you!
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    Left monitor normal, right monitor on vertical alignment and laptop in middle works wonders for me
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    Put one above the other. Pinky swear it works.
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    @galileopy I like that idea, will give it a go as well. Thank you!
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