I just noticed the toilet paper at my gym is better than the one at work

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    The one at work is the 1 ply one or the other way around?
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    @Pyjong Work TP is always 1 ply
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    @Krokoklemme yeah usually. But I have also experianced a 1 ply that was as pleasant as a 3 ply. Soft yet firm, wouldnt tear through but would still easily tear off.
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    @Pyjong You should start reviewing TP
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    Start using gym toilets in the middle of the work day
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    Never take a shit at work.
    Plus all that pre workout makes a lot of people need to go lol
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    One thing that I really started to like lately is good ol'e wooden dry toilet. Regardless of type of TP. Better graphics, better sound effects, just better. Recommend to check out the wikipedia page.
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    @Pyjong taking a shit in one of those is a pleasant experience during a summer or autumn night. The smell can be a con if used by many people.

    @badcopnodonuts don't you want to get paid for your products?
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    @electrineer Oh yeahhhhhh! At one of my old jobs, especially during night shift where we could disappear we all grabbed the poo timer app to see who could take the most expensive shit 💩😆
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