Recruiter: Hi practiseSafeHex, how are things? 😎


Bitch we aren’t friends. Where’s the job spec?

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    Oh, there is no job, only opportunities. The goal of a recruiter on LinkedIn is to get you to join their "network", nothing else.
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    Oh you want a job spec from a recruiter eh? Fucking rich mate. Are you like new or something ?
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    @Jilano she sent me a connection with no message. I already accepted. This was her first message afterwards
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    @grumpyoldaf I do normally get a job spec. They are typically all the same, inaccurate, don’t mention the name of the company or anything useful ... but I get one
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    @practiseSafeHex Why would you accept a random recruiter on LinkedIn? They all get blocked if they come after me.
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    @AlmondSauce you lose a lot of opportunities. I usually use those occasions to answer them with haikus telling them that I'm not interested.
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    @AlmondSauce you ... you’ve read my rants right?

    If you can’t understand why I’m willing to talk to absolutely anyone willing to give me a job, I can’t help you
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    My only friends on LinkedIn are recruiters. I do it for the JDeez. If you use LinkedIn for anything else, ur a cunt and ur missing out on gold.
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    @practiseSafeHex Absolutely. But accepting random recruiters on LinkedIn and hoping the jobs come to you is, generally speaking, entirely the wrong way of going about things.

    If you want to work with a recruiter, then that's fine - but do your research and *you* pick a recruiter to get in touch with and ask them what opportunities they have going. The quality recruiters don't need to waste time spamming people on LinkedIn.
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