DISCLAIMER: I swear to god this is true. This is a completely unfabricated anecdote.

Soon we are moving to a new office space, and my department have been delegated the responsibility of moving all of the computers from the old work space to the new one. I was a little confused at first, because I'm a software developer, not a removalist.
It gets better.

We just had a meeting the other day, and my manager had advised us that we were to be moving the machines on a Saturday. I confirmed whether we were being paid overtime, simply because I had never worked a Saturday before. My manager replied (this is paraphrased but ultimately accurate) - "It's unpaid. Because you get paid a salary, you're expected to do unpaid overtime here and there. We have christmas parties and nights out, all of which come out of the companies pocket. Not all companies do this, so it's only fair you give back".

I honestly couldn't believe it. I was being asked to spend basically the majority of my day off moving computers from one site to another, for free, purely because it's "expected". Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy?

Long story short, I went home and started updating my resume.

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    What a shitty manager oh boy
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    That's what removalists are for.

    Unless you use laptops, then the person who uses it takes it to the new location.
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    Get out of there. Frankly, if it were me, I'd personally mention how I felt my time and work-life balance weren't respected.
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    @galileopy I understand where you’re coming from. But you are fundamentally wrong in assuming just because I don’t ever have to do something like this, I am automatically obliged to do it.

    Why can’t we move it during business hours? Because the business would lose money obviously. Why does that then make it ok to organise for this to take place during MY time? I am not a spoiled brat. I’m someone who has a life outside of work. A life that is not only private; but should be respected by my employer, especially when my contract between myself and them is a clearly defined agreement.

    It’s like if I paid you to mow my lawns and then asked you to come back and wash my car for free. That analogy and this situation are exactly the same. It’s disrespectful.
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    @whiskey0 well. You could've argued that. Move on a weekday. I thought you were complaining about doing the moving.

    Also the manager should've asked if you were ok with it. Not just imposed it.

    But, maybe you should speak with your manager about these nuances.

    My point is. Company moving. Every one helps.

    Manager could've asked politely though and not assume that you're responsible for doing that.

    But also remember no one is perfect, maybe he had a not so good day, and just needed to fix the 'moving issue' and didn't pay much attention to form because he was under pressure in other aspects.
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    @galileopy Calling someone a spoiled brat isn’t exactly consistent with “I thought you were complaining about doing the moving”.

    I don’t work for free. End of story.
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    @whiskey0 yep, that might've been a bit too much. But you can ask if you can do your part on Friday. And see what's up with your manager.

    Sorry for the spoiled brat part.
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    @theKarlisK Absolutely. Where I live it’s definitely illegal to require an employee to work overtime for free.
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    Pay for removalists to do the job or tell employees to do it for free.. Hmmm, that's a tough one
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    If removal is not part of your job description then you can say you're not doing it. It also comes with some serious health and safety risks. What if you pull a muscle in your back carrying heavy equipment you haven't been trained to carry.

    Also if it's not in your contact that you have to work unpaid at weekends then you can tell them to get lost.
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    Next christmas party will be empty. No one will attend if it costs you a random saturday.

    How large is your company? I would kind of understand if this was a 15 people startup. Otherwise, this is what bad bosses do.

    Good luck with the job hunt!
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    @irene dalek confused, explaain.
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    If your contract is set to a specific amount of hours and states overtime is paid then you have your grounds to argue there.

    If your contract doesn't mention it and the expectation is you work for the company for x dollars than they can request/demand pretty much anything.

    You don't have to do anything except suffer the consequences of your own actions. If your consequence is you don't move it and the business fires you, I wouldn't be that hurt.

    Whe I'm asked for extra work I consider it this way... 1 how many hours have I put in and is my personal life already suffering?
    2. Do I already have plans for that time? If given enough heads up not likely.
    3. Am I looking for a promotion or anything in the near term.

    If I don't really want to do it the I'll say no. But moving computers isn't hard and if I have nothing better to do? Why not? As for the question what if you get hurt etc... While doing work for someone they should pay medical expenses. Sucks but gauge the likelihood.
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    Sounds annoying but honestly I would've just told them I already had plans I couldn't change, and sorry. No reason to make a big deal out of it.
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    We did a similar thing at an old job, however we counted it as normal working time and the CEO habe us some money to get food and stuff. We've got cheap pizza and lots of beer. The move was a succes. We where happy and drunk. Plus we broke 2 Monitors, as they where droped... Luckily we has some spares and threw the broken ones out a few months later, no one noticed :P
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    @whiskey0 remember: your time is a commodity.

    You are not "getting paid". They buy your time.

    Your time has a price which both parties agreed upon signing your contract.

    Asking you to spend time in their favor without any compensation is just stupid.
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    You guys doubting OP need to get your heads checked or to stop licking some boots.

    The problem isn't so much that they won't pay overtime for this move (which kind of makes them look like the cheapest bastards because moving office is very infrequent).

    The bigger problem is that the manager said cold to his face that they don't pay overtime. Ever.

    @jdebs au contraire, thanks to him "making a big deal of it" he found out how cheap they are.

    @Cultist I agree, "you are getting paid" sounds demeaning, like you belong to them
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