Heh promotion? I only get fake promotion..

For two years, I was doing so many *free* overtime, manager is a big liar, he said that it will he considered on the yearly evaluation.. cool, the thing is there is no evaluation at all, just lying and lying.

Few months ago I took a vacation of 1 month (I am expatriate so I get one vacation per year, my home town is too far..) I talked to tye manager about salary taise and he said absolutely we will talk after I get back..
He called me during my vacation to do some urgent (as always) work, I worked about 5 days, and for free.

After I get back to work, he was angry about my *attitude* that I wasn't available more time.. oh and there was no fucking raise. always lying..

In this country, if you're an expatriate so you can travel outside the country without the validation of the employer (yeah like that) and the notes period is about 3 months, what makes very hard to find another job, no one will wait for 3 months, unless you vanish during a vacation.

So, why didn't I gave my resignation? well, life is hard when you have unemployed wife and a little baby, and the pay is, let's say OK comparing to costs here.

I am charged to learn and work with another language and framework, and when I asked for a raise they said no, so I will stop working in this language and let's see..

The problem is that other employees in thus company are literally bitches, they don't say no to anything, so I am the special guy here who does not a blowjob..

So, what do I do? I am hunting for a new job since a while but no luck.

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    I would say keep it, until you find something better, at least suffering only at work is better than suffering all 24 hours a day.

    Well, the best tip i can give is keep searching for a new job and if you cant find anything like your position now, try learning maybe new languages or frameworks etc to find other positions.

    I do hope you find something better than this trash company soon.
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    Well, I don't have much experience in the industry but if I was in your situation I think I would have done this:

    Look for a job in another company which is willing to buy you. Generally, the other company has the option to pay for the 3 months salary to your company so that you don't have to serve the notice period and you can join quickly.

    Generally this would be a startup which is in need of good emloyees and the company has good funding so they don't have any problem in paying a little extra to get a good employee.

    So you can try looking for a good startup which is ready to pay a little extra for you. That seems to me as the best option.
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    Sounds like France. If you are good at what you do it possible you take the chance but I can understand that you are afraid of putting your family at risk. Your market value does go up if you are available directly or soon. I know this because my girl did some it recruitment in France.

    Next time you get promises have him put it in writing. Especially on holiday you got leverage if he wants your help. Than he is in breach of contract and you can leave any time it suits you.
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    You're not a bitch, but you worked five days on your vacation? For fucking free. Does not compute. They are taking advantage of you, don't let them do that.
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    sorry everyone for typos, I was really angry when I wrote it so I didn't check it before publish
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    @Frederick thanks man, good point.
    So I keep working with the new programming language without a raise? since it'll be a benefit for me.
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