To those with more years of experience, can software development be a 9-5 career with (almost) no studying outside of work? I want to achieve that. I want it as a source of income and to spend my free time on my hobbies and with family. Is that even possible?

I love programming by the way, I'm just tired of having it taking my whole life and I want to do other things before I die...

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    I work 8-4 (same but not he same) and don't study much.

    But when I need to shift / upskill into a new area, by damn my time out of work starts getting consumed with small projects and what not to practise with.

    This is a field of continuous learning, so yes you can get away with it, but should you not improve your knowledge?
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    @C0D4 maybe it's a good idea to study from time to time or when you need to learn something new but in my opinion (and limited experience), the constant day to day studying is not a way to live.
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    Absolutely. If anything it ends up being the case that some people never really bother to learn more.

    But it is indeed possible and completely acceptable to not want to have this shit take up your entire time.
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    @rantsauce I don't need to learn something new all the time,
    To much useless knowledge doesn't get you anywhere. Learn what you need, when you need.

    But as for escaping it outside of work, not usually unless the place you work allows you to dedicate some work hours for personal training.
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    There are technologies that change often and technologies that stay the same almost all the time.

    Learn and get a job in those that are not changing much.
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    I work 8-4:30 and if there's something I need to learn to do my job they allocate time and resources for me to do it in working hours. I never have to spend time outside of work doing work things if I don't want to. It exists and I wish it were the standard everywhere. Good luck to you, friend.
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