10K bump but salary is probably still below market for the skills I have... Most likely reason? Trump tax cuts...

I can't showcase my skills in interviews assuming I get any... Not motivated in cramming or studying those useless algorithm questions that have little correlation to actual work.

Whatever.... job pays the bills pretty well... Sorta boring as I'm like the biggest fish on the whole team but that's also the upside I guess... May not be true but I think I'm pretty hard to fire...

So now it's sorta 20% work 80% life... So guess I'm done exploring and just gonna exploit...

P.S I wore this while taking a break from solo karaoking.... (Thursday night)

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    If you are bored then you can look for a challenging job. Maybe a startup will bring some challenging work on your table. Or you can try to do some interesting freelance work in your free time.

    Also, those algorithmic questions are really stupid as fuck.
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    @evilcoder no one will give me a fair chance... I deaf and have some other health issues....

    If you gave me an actual work problem, I can probably blow past a lot of people in terms of getting things done just because the amount of experience I have but well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Now I'm just not interested in trying anymore career wise.

    Enjoy life instead
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    @billgates Well, I wonder when will I reach that level. How many years of experience do you have?
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    @evilcoder professionally 8, since I started coding (which I think is the biggest difference) 23...
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    A good rule to follow ,
    Never be the smartest person in the environment, you won’t learn much
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    @mac-aga true... But at a certain point you just don't give a fck anymore. If I really wanted to learn something, I just learn it myself.

    How does learning all the tools that require a giant multi-million dollar cloud stack help you in life honestly?
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    I agree with @evilcoder . A startup should shake your bones with different kind of challenges :)
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    Is that some kind of joke with "Trump tax cuts"? I don't really see how it could impact your salary, unless you work for government and they decided that your skills aren't worth much anymore and non-government sponsored companies agree, so you are stuck there.

    I don't really see how those tax cuts would be Trump's either, since AFAIK he does not all by himself write and push bills/laws/etc. You have your elected (just like Trump) representatives in Senate (or whatever it is) for that. He can just give his seal of approval (assuming it ain't that much different from other countries), that should have some impact, but I doubt it is enough to give him full credit.
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    @netikras nah I don't want to deal with all the messy hacky codebase and problems. I get a lot that already... since I'm basically the fixer upper for "anything that goes wrong but no one can figure out why"

    Also long hours and relentless loyalty aren't my thing...
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    @arraysstartat1 he pushed through huge corporate tax cuts... That was his platform for being president... So companies bump up the salary a bit to "share" the reward
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    @billgates I meant your own startup :)
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    @netikras well you could say that's where the other 15 years before I got a real job was spent.

    It's more operating as a nonprofit
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