Is there for the programming language "Crystal" a library called "Meth" ?
I'm affraid to google this. 😳

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    After a few minutes of research...

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    @NonImportant- I think we are both on a watch list now.
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    "3 hours later" and you guys were never seen again.
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    Breaking Bad
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    @Frederick 3 hours?

    Hold up, someone's pulling into my drive way, no make that 2. No 3. Wtf 4 vehicles.

    Oh shit! Oh shit oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuyttttt
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    oh that's a disappointing repo. But nevertheless thank you very much @NonImportant- 👍
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    Time to move into a new country and get a new ID before I mysteriously "disappear"
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    @C0D4 Oops carry on you havent seen anything, nothing will happen in 3 hours and i have nothing to do with it.
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    @Frederick, I am currently pre-occupied with a few nice men and their cute kittens. Those kittens are really playful.

    Everybody rundiosnjqkabdjalkwm

    I guess you are right, nothing will happen anyjsjwhskkagska morenirkksnsia in 3 idnksjaskknflaorminutes Baldwin hours

    Shut it @C0D4, someone knock this guy out already.
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    @C0D4 I'm tempted to put this post on Puzzling.SE.
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    And @C0D4 was never seen again.
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    Oh hi guys - just woke up,
    @Frederick, @heyheni, @NonImportant-

    So it turns out, hmm, why am I in a bath of Ice 🤔 no matter.

    Anyway, so we had a great talk about why drugs are bad... who knew, and those kittens were cute I tell ya but all is well.... ok that's weird, there seems to be some blood in here, alright I'm getting out of this bath, it's freezing now.

    @cst1992 hahaha feel free to share my adventure.
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