Asked to replace the Department Head of IT Operation. Didn't want to because too much responsibility and was just recently promoted to Unit Head of Engineering, said I needed more time since I'm still getting used to it. Three months later, was called by boss on a Friday then start on Monday. No freaking experience on managing people.... Ended up doing almost all the work since I'm faster doing them than my underlings. I prefer coding or doing tech stuff. Now burnt up. Quitting soon.

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    Your boss has obviously faith in your capabilities and sees you in a leadership position. Not everyone can pull that off, you have my respect 👏

    If you like it there you could propose a 50% (monday to wednesday) job sharing for a half a year or so. That way you practice how to manage people and get big cash. While the rest of the time you either code, learn managing stuff or don't work?

    good read for beginner manager
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    @heyheni yeah, it's probably because I'm kinda a responsible guy and always available any time since I'm single and have no social live outside the office, LOL.

    Thanks for the link, I'll give it a try, hope it helps getting me into a good manager
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