Javascript/React question of the day: Habe you used Storybook.js? How was it?

Would you recommend using it in a medium sized side project? (I'm also considering simply using docz)

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    My colleague uses it in our prokect and it looks pretty cool, you can see different components in different states

    We are even considering using it in production once we go open source
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    Just do it. "GitHub.com/oblador/Loki".toLowerCase()

    So you can run regressive tests for free. Or just use percy.io

    It's hella good to code and validate some ideas directly in storybook. You can have different configurations to load different paths and or extensions.
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    Used it. It takes some time to make sense out of, but it's good.
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    I mean it’s useful no matter the size and is just for local testing purposes. I don’t see a reason not to use it.
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