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    Wow that works ✅
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    Wouldnt firefox work too? Because it is essentially a fox on fire?!
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    Ahh the good ol Android studio jokes. Keep them coming, its been a long time
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    @JFK422 Yeah the new logo of Firefox is mostly 🔥 and no 🦊 so yeah, might work 😂
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    @JFK422 @manbir Just fill Firefox with a metric ton of addons and themes, works like a charm <3

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any property, mental, physical or other forms of damage caused.
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    @bladedemon Just engage full mom mode with the toolbars!
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    When artists learn to copypaste.
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    @Root Well, when artists get on the interwebs, it is just a matter of time until they find out and apply rules No. 22, 23 & 24
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