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    Im IJ team. Phpstorm.

    No other php IDE that is so robust known to me.
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    Well both need a huuge godamn runtime, but let the pleb fight against each other i guess.
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    Well, no offense but I love IntelliJ and I despise Eclipse.
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    More than I like intellij, I harbor a seething hated for eclipse, mostly because unsatisfied with being subpar, it doubles as a build manager that's only ever managed to piss me off on embedded projects
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    Visual Studio Code
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    Sublime is the boss! Deal with it! 😂
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    Notepad anyone? 😂😂😂
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    @DubbaThony my first internship, first time working with PHP(before that I barely knew how to connect to DB). First tried VS Code, but shit, I don't think anything can match PHP Storm. And the Symfony plugin is a gift from programming gods.
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    I love IntelliJ... but I can't *stand* how it does imports. The "ohh, I'm going to take you through these one at a time and show a tooltip for each one" thing is incredibly annoying if you've got to copy / paste code from anywhere.

    Give me IntelliJ with the Netbeans import fix dialog and it's a hands down winner.
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    @AlmondSauce copy paste issues in phpstorm? Disable inteligent paste in settings. I have normal paste ctrl v and inteligent ctrl shift v ;)
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    Eclipse is terrible. I'm happy to use anything else. While I'm team Jetbrains, the price pushed me to vscode
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    @DubbaThony I have the same settings - it's the way it adds the import statements in Java code that I find annoying. (Not relevant in PHP land.)
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    IDEs are worthless wastes of resources.

    Sublime/Vim for life.
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    I don't use either but tried both, Intellij left really good taste but eclipse been cancer to use. Tried it few times and always some problems arose. I prefer use even notepad to Java project over Eclipse.
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    Jetbrains IDEs are love 💙
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