Deep in my heart I hate css

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    @flake I think I can manage this time . Thank you
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    What's the alternative, though?

    This is the situation with most tech. Terrible, but necessary to do some kind of job.
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    In 2006 I was designing web pages. I hated css because of IE6. In 2019 I am building web apps and hating css/less/sass because of IE11.

    Not sure if I hate css or the crowd that it hangs around with.
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    I think we all hate it, some of us are just lying to themselves.
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    You all need browserlists and autoprefixer.

    Right after a CSS3 course.
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    Deep in heart I hate you because you learnt css
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    Wouldn't hurt when you write it inline. Within the html tag
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    Funny how you make yourself think Internet Explorer, as a project and a proprietary browser, is dead in the water. I mean, who could still be possibly using it this day and age? I learned it’s a good idea to keep IR activated for disaster purposes, but going on close to 10 years since I purposely used IE for anything.

    Then you come across a 2019 survey that has some ridiculous statistic of how much of the earth’s population still actually uses IE daily because it’s the out-of-the-box browser with Windows. Crazy!

    Without CSS, the online world would be a very dull place with only a white background and a singular black default font. CSS is what it is, but once you wrap your head around it, along with Google dev console, it’s a straightforward language to master, write, and manipulate. It’s fun to work with because it’s honest, gives instant refreshed results, and in most cases, makes sense as to its outcome.
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    Modern CSS is fine. So without all dirty hacks, and using flex and grid.
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