I can't believe it... I am starting to recall a very old TV child's sitcom I used to watch. I have so many memories... I just can't. I'm going to send a sample, it's in Hebrew, but hilarious enough to understand.

This is a part of a parody on Dora the explorer. It was a legendary episode. The parody is that it's a Yemeni version of Dora the explorer. It's the map. Yes, the MAP.


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    is Hebrew simple to learn as hobby?
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    @Coffe2Code it follows a very defined set of rules, so I'd say that it's not too hard... What's hard is learning to speak it as fast as a native Israeli...
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    @chabad360 the thing is that native Israelis make mistakes ALL THE TIME! It's not as straightforward as English.
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    @OmerFlame 1. Really? I've found it rather straight forward to learn properly. The grammar is much more defined than English...

    2. Ok yea, but it's still amazing how fast they can have a real, sensible conversation (and I find it rather entertaining to watch)...
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    well, I am seeking Arabic natively, and I heard that Hebrew somehow have very common rules (and even words) with Arabic language
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    @OmerFlame and also, Arabic IS one of the hardest languages
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    @Coffe2Code that is very correct. Though Arabic is in a whole other league of hard, if I can say so myself, I had to learn Arabic in Israel
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    @OmerFlame so you say that Arabic is harder?
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    @Coffe2Code yes, there are dialects that are very hard to describe, not to talk about doing
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