Im a software developer, and make games as hobby and sometimes as actual job. Recently I started looking into game design, through my work I can can do a study for free.

The main thing I would like to learn is Character development and using GDD's

Would you recommend doing such a course or is the quality of these things way to low to actually be of use?

Is there reading material I should read?

I do own a digital copy of "A theory of fun" already which Im gonna read the coming days.

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    The book "About Face" teaches some general skills on how to research, ideate, plan, execute, and test your game/digital product. It's a real good book about interaction design. It will help to create a great game expirience beyound the game mechanics. And you'll benefit if you have to deal with interfaces.

    About Face
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    I never had any use of GDDs so far tbh
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    @kleopi how do you document games in a team then?
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    @Codex404 being agile so everyone knows
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    @kleopi any experience with cross country development to get ideas across without being in the same room?
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