What's a better freelancing medium than upwork.com? The competition there makes it very difficult to land anything with a good price if at all.

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    by aquiring your clients on your own

    Heyheni's easy steps
    1. Define your ideal dream customer in writing.
    2. Write up all your skills and achievments plus benefits to the customer.
    3. Write up your business goals
    4. Think where you could specialise, eg. Medical sector or logistics.
    5. combine all of that in one concept document
    6. Hire a good marketing person on upwork, freelancr or locally and ask for advice on what he/she would need to sell your services.
    7. Define the sales material that is needed, website, flyer etc.
    8. hire a copywriter to write copy that sell your services
    9. hire a designer to create a corporate identity and layout your sales material
    10. Use www.ocean.io and hire a sales person that cold calles companies. Preferred in the native language of the customer.

    Here some marketing and lead tools
    Email maketing http://activecampaign.com
    coldcall email www.lemlist.com
    sales www.pipedrive.com
    sales www.leadfeeder.com
    sales group email www.missiveapp.com
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    Fiverr, freelancer.com

    Stuff like that
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    Stack Overflow. Pays about the same.
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