I'm making an interface where I have a few columns, much like Trello. In each column there are cards. I want the user to be able to drag these cards an place them in any column, in any order they want. The problem is that at the same time they should be able to sort each column on date or whatever. Do you guys have any ideas on how to deal with the clash between custom sorting and auto sorting? Like what happens when you're in date sorting, and you change the order of the cards?

The implementation/programming is no problem. I just need help to figure out the interaction logic behind it.

Thanks... :)

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    Add an menu for selecting sorting method? And for custom it saves the position.
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    @stop but if you then switch to date sorting and move a single card, would that overwrite the saved custom order ? Or should re-ordering be blocked if the user isn't in the custom mode ?
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    @stop @ItsNotMyFault Yeah, that's the thing. We sat down a whole bunch of people and came to the conclusion that we'll simply skip the custom order... So I guess we're fine 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    @ItsNotMyFault @ScriptCoded i cant say without beeing involved, that the sorting is needed, useful or just a feature that attracts bugs.
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    @stop Well, it might be a nice thing to have for some customers, but by removing it we decrease the complexity a lot, so in the end it probably weighs up :)
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