Exclaimed the developer that had never bothered to learn proper architectural patterns such as MVC in his web development are, failing to grasp the folder structure that was open in front of him, gasping at those strange php files that contained not only namespace declarations....but requires, uses and GASP! CLASSES!!

"That is Laravel my dude, built that in Laravel some time ago. Been running without an issue ever since." I mentioned as I reminded him that i had provided documentation had he ever needed to update or work with the application(currently it just needed a static page, which is why he had the app open in his editor)

See children. This is why you don't just learn a tool and never bother to learn something else.
Y'all should have seen how confused this dude was.

Das what yo dumbass gets.

OAN I am getting placed into more hardcore Business Intelligence roles.

The ammount of statistics and overall math required is....

Damn near 0. Data Scientists are full of shit. Anyone in an analyst role is full of shit.

I would know.

I IS one.

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    Devs who don't know how to dev 😦
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    @C0D4 its painful right? What sucks the most to me is that this dude made no effort to ever learn shit at all man :/ i don't get why people get into this business if they ain't willing to learn
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    @AleCx04 I honestly don't understand it sometimes.

    Enter a field you are forced to constantly learn in (well almost), and don't want to do anything new or improving 🤷‍♂️
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    MVC...do you even MVVM?!
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    For those looking to become a data scientist, I recommend studying, Average, Min and Max functions. Once you master those, you can start applying for the senior roles.

    I'm almost there. Average is confusing as fuck, but, no pain, no gain, right?
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    To be fair, this is a common thing. People just don't want to learn.

    There are people that will learn and will get things going - those are the devs we need.

    But there are people that are not learning at all and thinks that basic knowledge is enough since well... Media said university is enough.
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    More people in development industry results in more shitty code and more fucked up communities.

    It’s just because the bar is set to low. People getting job after 2 weeks bootcamp and put together with those with 5+ years of experience just because HR likes their attitude.

    More of this shit and corporate software platforms will dominate internet and we will end up in bullshit advertising network or are we already there ?
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    @jurion omg so fucking funny and original!!!
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    @jurion you had me in the first half 😏
    But you know, not all php devs are equal.
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    @platypus don't forget to include how to calculate a standard deviation in the list of basic things to know.
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    What kind of domains, subjects would you recommend studying more thoroughly if one's goal is to become a data scientist eventually?
    Do you have a recommendation for an e-learning platform or books for acquiring said knowledge? I have used DataCamp in the past, but have not found it especially useful (perhaps I was not using it in the most efficient manner).
    I am studying Computer science (3rd year) and am working part-time as a Java developer.
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    @kandalof it greatly depends on what you want to concentrate on. Me for example, I wanted the most bullshitty field of data science: Business Intelligence. In which I thought I required knowledge in: statistic, calculus, algebrea(linear more than anything), finances and on the side of development: python, r, sql, java, js, all the data analytics tools for python as well as power bi(microsoft), argos and tableau.
    Aaaaaall of that just to generate analysis on SQL data with some very(.....VERY) basic visualizations in tableu or Argos jjjjjuuuuuuust so that a 2 second decision can be made...

    "Aaaaaah...there would be no real monetary compensation of x by doing y? Ok cool, thanks" <---- 3 days worth.

    My recommendation? Learn everything math related, you can't ignore the math and it is good shit. And concentrate on something like computer vision or predictive analytics in some different field.

    B.I is boring and bullshit, but pays well.
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    The folder/file structure is exactly why I never invested a single minute to learn .NET MVC.
    Why the fuck it requires 5 files for a simple web page with a “getList” controller?
    I’m happy to skip this “iteration” and start with Razor Pages for next project (Which is just syntax sugar over MVC, but you have 1 (!!!!) file per page and of cause all webAPIs are separated).
    Some things just need to die. MVC implementations like that for sure. (Disclaimer, I only worked with .net MVC implementation. Not sure how other frameworks implement it)
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