Friend: you really should give Windows another chance, it's really not that bad.

Me: are you in possession of the only Windows computer that doesn't blue screen whenever there's a strong breeze outside?

Friend: No ... That does happen every now and then.

Me: So what's great about it then?

Friend: Look at this cool wallpaper, it's a slideshow of pictures of my kids.

Me: ... stop talking to me immediately ... and sit over there.

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    Friend: .... but I

    Me: God dam it Terry, sit the **** over there!
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    First I thought you were an avid Linux user, then when I saw the tag on the post I began to think a little bit less of you.
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    @ExcellentSP look theres no need to add more turmoil here, enemy of my enemy is my friend?
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    Why are people constantly talking about blue screens? I have never seen one since I switched from Windows XP to 7.

    I don't know what you have to do to get a blue screen.
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    @deadlyRants have you tried turning it on?

    In the interest of fairness I will admit my former windows machines didn't blue screen when they were turned off.
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    @deadlyRants My previous work machine did it at least once a week, windows 7. Never could deliberately recreate the conditions at will.
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    @practiseSafeHex. Yes, unless the enemy of my enemy is a mac user.
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    The only thing that has given me a bluescreen in the past year is an iphone
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    Gf has Windows box for games and it seems to blue screen all the fucking time.
    She gets me to try and fix it and I do try, hell even fresh installed it on another HDD. Still crashes for random ass reasons
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    @jleon11 technically iPhones can't even blue screen
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    @practiseSafeHex Can I just say your UN is probably one of the best on DevRant
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    @AngryDev yes you may sir. Tell your friends
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    @AngryDev technically, there is a thing called hardware failure that causes the os to crash, show a plain blue screen and turn off...
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    Been using w10 for a year now, not even a clean install but an upgrade fdom 8.0 on a laptop. Not a single blue screen yet. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG. And I use the thing for just about everything.
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