When you are forced to use windows what tools do u use to make the experience less horrible ?

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    Windows is fine stop bitching
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    I use :-
    1. processhacker
    2. conemu with gitbash(if longer time switch to fish)
    3. Services+ from codeplex
    4. pickpick for screenshots
    5. windows default workspaces(they are pretty decent now)
    6. bandizip
    7. onecommander
    8. from developer settings i turn on show file extensions
    9. ditto for clipboard
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    Virtual machine
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    @12bitfloat man this is devrant .. not devcheer ..
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    @electrineer doesnt count .. see my answer
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    @gardenGnome Well I was just devcommenting on your rant
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    @b3b3 this man knows whats up
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    VM Running linux😄

    When I HAVE to use Windows, i spend a few days just customizing everything so that I can do most things using shortcuts.

    That’s more application specific than OS specific though..
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    Of you you're using Windows 10:
    * WSL 2. Full compatibility with all Linux sys calls.
    * VSCodium. Fully open source version of VSCode.

    That's about it, really. All I need is within WSL. Git, Rust, gcc, GPG signing,...

    I have been using Linux primarily now for about 3 years and I'm actually thinking of going back to Windows just because I can have the best of both worlds. Full Linux install with WSL2 and all the compatibility with windows at the same time.
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    @gardenGnome Replace Pickpick with ShareX.
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    @irene it is not easy t do somethings on windows as is on linux .. just a fact of life
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    Virtual box and fedora
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    I use a magical elixer called "Captain Morgan Private Stock." But in reality. I just use tools I download. Visual Studio / Code. Because why not?
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    @irene refer to the list of things I use on windows.. Some of those have decent alternatives built into mainstream Linux DEs
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    processhacker because u cant search and end a process on default task manager .. ull have to scroll through
    conmemu because ud need multiple consoles in one window .. backend and frontend and other things .. also u can use quake mode ..
    services+ because default service manager doesnt have filter ..again u have to scrol l through and find the service
    windows default workspaces = easier to seperate different concerns .. and jump to different programs easily .. backend, frontend, dbUI
    onecommander, because windows explorer doesnt have tabs nor search on type
    8. duh we need to know what files we are dealing with
    start using a clipbaord manager and ull know why
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    @irene lol try it .. imagine having to alt tab to copy multiple things .. when u have something like ditto u copy once and just alt tab and paste where needed
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    @irene cant find filter on services app .. and cant find that search option on explorer .. maybe u dont get it .. on nautilus the gnome default file manager u can just type and itll start searching .. u dont hve to write on a search box
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    @irene lol u trolling lady ? it doesnt have to be linux .. it has to have the latest features and has to be easily usable .. linux is a kernel which i dont deal with .. i deal with the UI , which is there to provide an easy experience
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    @irene u shud write a rant regarding this unpleaset experience 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Honestly though. With the inclusion of WSL2.0 coming out soon. Windows in my opinion is just becoming more and more interesting and dev friendly. But that my opinion. I'm sure the struggle is still real for some people and Murphy's law of code still applies.
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    @codemonkeyalx nah thats true .. ive been away from window for some times .. this time around the workspaces feature is much more polished etc .. havent used faster wsl yet because im fine with gitbash .. im also looking forward to the new terminal
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    No clue tbh, haven't properly touched the system in about 9 years.

    I'm so incorporated with linux, I think it'd be hard to even use it as a non-dev machine for me.

    But then, I live in the terminal about 50 percent of my time so...
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